Pricing Structure : Websites

Please note, the below prices for website packages are estimates only. PBD will put together custom quotes for every project and for every client.


Website Features






Approximate Estimated Cost

Starting at $500* Starting at $750* Starting at $1000* Starting at $2000*

Custom Design Layouts
(Additional layouts are $100 each)

1 2 2 2

Approximate Number of
Developed Pages

up to 5 5 - 15 15 + Provided in custom quote

Revisions to Design Layout

1 Set* 1 Set* 1 Set* 1 Set*

Revisions to Content on Developed Pages (Content provided by Client)

1 Set* 1 Set* 2 Sets* 1 Set*

Content Proofing

Up to
1 hour*
Up to
2 hours*
Up to
3 hours*

Payment Plans Available

No check check check

Included in All Packages

Completely Custom Web Design check check check check
Basic SEO service check check check check
Search Engine Friendly HTML code check check check check
1 Contact/Feedback Form optional check check --
Site Map optional optional check --
Custom 404 Error Page   check   check   check   check
Favicon Icon   check   check   check   check


Additional web services:


How long will it all take?
Well, let us give you a little insite to what happens behind the scenes...

Every client PBD works with is important. We can only work as fast as you allow us to and the time it takes to do one project is different than the time it takes to do another. If content and revisions are provided to us in a timely manner, instructions are clear and revisions are not too extensive, turn around time is usually in just a few days. There are factors that could slow down production time though. Client interactions, delayed approvals, numerous back and forth changes, etc. can impact turn around time and can usually add at least a few more days to project totals.

Please also note that a great marketing piece, whether it is a website or a logo, takes time. A website could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months depending on how much content and programming is involved and how many revisions there are. A brochure or any other printed piece can also take anywhere from a week to three weeks and beyond depending on all the same factors. The design and development process is very important because it is the printed or electronic face of your business. It shouldn't be rushed and neither should proofing. All these phases, if properly implemented, will produce a great result. We want you to be happy and we want to be sure the final outcome is the best it can possibly be.


*All website prices are approximate. Since every project is unique, an estimate will be provided based on information given to the designer. The above prices are to be used as a guideline only. Fees include one set of revisions to chosen layout design and one set of copy revisions to developed website (unless otherwise specified). Revisions are not to exceed 4 hours combined and any revisions beyond the second round will be billed at the normal website production rate. Content proofing applies to content provided by Client only.



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