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102813 : The Holidays - and More - are Among Us!
It's already October! Can you believe it? That means the holidays are just around the corner. Now, you might be thinking this an actual post about the holidays, but it's not. When you hear the word 'holiday', you normally think of family, friends, celebrating, dinners....and shopping. Next month has one of the biggest shopping days of the year. It also happens to have Small Business Saturday. Have you heard of it? Everyone starts to really push for it this month and with it being held on November 30th this year, it will be here before you know it. This is the type of event that businesses and consumers alike will impact their own communities. That's what the day is all about: supporting your community by shopping local and helping to fuel the economy. I strongly urge you to get out there and shop at the store down the street or the mom and pop on the other side of town! Get off those online stores and meet some people that are running businesses in your own town! Make November 30th proud by supporting eachother and knowing that you can make a difference.


010313 : The Year in a Nutshell and Plans for a New Year of Growth
Happy New Year to you all! 2012 was an amazing year over here. Lots of new clients, lots of work for our existing clients and lots of work for some clients we haven't heard from in awhile. It's always great when they find their way back to us! There have also been a few personal projects and learning curves thrown in along the way. I guess you could say it's been a little busy.

The end of 2012 also brought about some new services that you may not have heard about. What are we offering now? In addition to the big list of services that we already provide, we're handling all aspects of email marketing - such as the designing, the writing, the sending, and the hosting - and creating some e-commerce sites with a new platform that we (and our clients) are pretty happy with!

PBD has high hopes and new goals for 2013 and we can't wait to share every moment of it with our awesome clients, family and friends. We'll be expanding our services even more and plan on being a one-stop shop for every single marketing adventure you can imagine. Please contact us if you don't see what you're looking for so we can add it to our list!

We wish you and yours a great 2013 and hope to hear from you soon!


060812 : A Revamped Cooking Experience
A few months ago, PBD was asked to put together a marketing plan for Mrs. Dornberg's Culinary Experience. The plan included recreating their website, designing promotional flyers, setting up email marketing, and a few other pieces that are still in the works.

The first piece of marketing we tackled was redesigning and reorganizing their website. The new layout offers more relevant information as well as options for people to sign up for cooking classes online and submit their culinary questions to Mrs. Dornberg. Featured recipes and tips for leading a healthy lifestyle when it comes to food were also implemented for user interaction and an opportunity for users to keep coming back to the site.

Along with the website, an email marketing plan was put into place. PBD designed (and is hosting) an email marketing newsletter to send out periodically with a featured recipe and cooking tip as well as the class schedule and updates from Mrs. Dornberg.


052512 : New Highland Parks and Recreation Website
One of the many websites that PBD recently launched was the redesigned and revamped Highland Parks and Recreation Department site. This new site was created to offer easier updating for the Client as well as a more user-friendly experience for the viewer. The original site was bogged down with outdated information and was using old software that made the site run and load information too slowly. The new process makes getting information for the programs the Department offers a breeze!


033012 : Celebrating Two Years of Awesomeness
This month marked Pepperbrook Design's two year anniversary! It has been a wonderful two years and every minute has been an amazing adventure. We love what we do and wouldn't be here without the awesome support from friends, family and our amazing clients!

2 Year Anniversary!


022812 : A Design of the Photo Kind
Well, we can now add photo books to our portfolio. Yes, that's right, photo books. We were hired to create a photo book for one of our clients featuring her floral arrangements to use as a marketing tool at bridal shows. This is up there as one of the coolest projects we've worked on.


022412 : Reach Out and Network!
Big things have been happening over here!

We're proud to be part of the next Four11 Mentoring Program. The new semester started which means lots of mentoring opportunities have begun. If you'd like info on the program, check out

We've also been going to some expos and other events to network and well, just make some friends. The Highland Chamber of Commerce held it's annual 'Love Your Business' Expo a couple weeks ago and it was a big success. There were many vendor booths (we plan on having one next year!) and many opportunities to meet new businesses in surrounding chambers.

Tonight is an open house at the new Merge Building in Hammond. The outlook on this event is good as they plan to have quite a few agencies, customers, and printers in the area join in on the festivities. Will we make some new friends? You bet!


010412 : New Year, New Plans
We have had a very successful 2011 and can't thank our clients, friends and family enough for their continued support and love. With the beginning of 2012 underway, it's already looking to be a great year. We have big plans for this year and can't wait to share each and every part of it with you. We hope you all have a prosperous and joyous year!


121411 : Four11 Mentors Program
Being part of a mentoring program is rewarding in so many ways. You not only get to sharpen your own knowledge, but you get to pass that knowledge to up and coming designers with the added benefit of pushing each other's creativity. The first session of Four11 Mentor's program is coming to end and it was great to be part of this amazing experience. If you'd like to be part of the next session or if you'd like more information about Four11 Mentors, visit


120211 : Build Your Business Thursday
If you follow Office Depot on Facebook, you might be familiar with their Build Your Business Thursday feature. Every Thursday, they write a post about five businesses. It's just a simple, short post but it's enough to promote you a little. They post in the morning when it's time to start submitting your business (as a comment of that post) so you can gain some free exposure. It's definitely worth checking out. This past Thursday, we were so happy to see that we were one of the featured businesses!

"The third featured business of today's "Build Your Business Thursday" is Pepperbrook Design — a professional marketing, graphic, and web design company that makes the success of your business their top priority. See them on Facebook at:"

You can't beat a free bump so head on over to Office Depot's Facebook page next Thursday, leave a comment about your business on their post, and get yourself some free exposure. If you're on Twitter, they'll probably mention you there as well!


120111 : What We're Working On: Our First Promotional Video
We were recently hired to create a promotional video for a long-time Client. We're really excited to take this step into a new media and promote In Bloom, Inc. in a new way. This video will be featured on their website as a tool to showcase their wonderful flower arrangements and highlight what they have to offer new clientele.


112811 : Launching Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant Website
We just finished the brand new Don Pedro Mexican Restaurant website! It was a pleasure to create an online presence for them. This new website reflects the atmosphere of the restaurant and offers a glimpse to what customers can expect from their visit. The site is very user-friendly and it was created with a content management system so the Client can make updates.



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