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Before we can give a formal proposal for any of the services Pepperbrook Design offers, we need to discover as much as we can about you, your business, and your competition.

Why is this crucial phase so important? Well, basically this lets us know exactly what you need and how to make you stand out from the rest! We also can't give you an accurate quote if we don't know what's involved with you and your project. It sounds simple enough, right? But most agencies out there don't take the time to get to know their clients. These cookie-cutter agencies base their knowledge on all the previous work they've done in that industry not realizing that each business is unique. Just because two businesses are restaurants doesn't mean they serve the same food!

At Pepperbrook Design, we make every step of the way as easy for you as possible. We know you're busy and we take that into consideration so most of this phase is usually done with a few phone calls or emails. During those conversations, we ask you the questions you didn't even think to answer yet! We also need to know what your goals are so we can be sure to attain them and we need to know your budget so we can stretch it as far as it will go. We want to know every aspect of your business to provide you with the best services we can. Why do we want to know it all? Well, it's so we can take the reins, do our job, and leave you with happy thoughts of us and your project.

This discovery phase builds a foundation for our business relationship and we want to maintain that relationship for a long time.

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