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A web presence is extrememly important these days. But having one that doesn’t accurately reflect your business or isn't user-friendly can make having that web presence pointless. Pepperbrook Design can update your current website to a new layout or just rework a few things to give a little design boost to your pages. We will figure out who your audience is and create a layout that will be pleasing to look at as well as being functional to use and navigate.

One thing to remember about web design is that consistency is key. Your viewer should not go to a page only to find out it doesn't look like the rest. Your website should also match every other aspect of your marketing. Is your logo the same on your website and your letterhead? How about the color or general style? If they aren't the same, you're not being consistent in your brand and you're confusing your audience.

Content and the design itself are extremely important in any website. Your website is there to provide information and part of that information is what your business is all about. If that design isn't telling your information accurately or if the content itself isn't relevent, it isn't doing you or your business justice. Give us a call to see how we can help give you a great online presence.


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